Our friends at Wee Bike Shop just let us know about a new convertible or hybrid balance bike coming to the market. the KUNDO Smart Trail 12 will be hitting the market this Summer 2014.

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Photos from WeeBikeShop.com

This is exciting because there currently are none available in the USA.  There have been some attempts and delays for this style of bike in the past. The Kinderbike Morph is a few years in the making after several delays but is supposedly going to be available this summer as well. The Hobby-Bike cam to market a few years ago  and ;left as quick as it arrived.  The design and quality was horrible.  Take it from me, I sold hundreds of Hobby-Bikes and had numerous problems with mechanical and cosmetic issues.  It goes to show, that it takes a great design and manufacturer oversight to make a great balance bike. I expect the Kinderbike Morph to be a great bike when it makes it to the market because they have been working on their design for years and their current models (Laufrad, laufrad Mini) are of very high quality, great design and a great value.


The Kinderbike Morph and the KUNDO Smart Trail 12 have two different designs that work towards the same goal: creating a convertible balance bike that can be used for the first two stages of learning to ride a bike. My son learned to ride a pedal bike on the Hobby-Bike.  I think it was a little bit easier doing so because we didn’t take away the comfort level he had achieved on the Hobby Bike, but merely transformed it by adding a set of tools (pedals, chain) to graduate to the next level.  This gave him the same comfort and familiarity of his balance bike but presented a new challenge for him to propel the bike with pedals, rear sprocket and a chain.

Stay tuned for further updates on both the Kinderbike Morph and the new KUNDO Smart trail balance bikes. This is going to be an exciting summer!


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