Glide Bikes balance bikes are designed with your child’s needs in mind. Glide Bikes were created with the desire to offer children an appropriately-sized and training-wheel-free intermediate step between tricycles and bicycles. What sets the Glide Bikes models apart from other balance bikes targeted at this market is their design, affordability, and three distinct frame styles.

The Ezee Glider is a Glide Bike model designed for children between the ages of 18 months and five years.

EZee_Air_B (1)

This model manages to pack in a large number of features for a more-than-reasonable price. The frame is constructed from durable steel alloy, and can be adjusted at both the handlebars (20.5″-22.5″) and seat (11″-16.5″) to ensure a perfect fit for your young rider. Frames are available in black, green, or orange.

There are two options for wheels with this model – either maintenance-free EVA tires or air tires. The EVA tire option is cheaper and guarantees that your child will never have a flat tire, but the air tires guarantee a better riding experience across a wider variety of terrains. The Ezee Glider also boasts removable foot pegs and a hand brake so that your child can truly prepare for riding a traditional two-wheeled bicycle.

The Mini Glider is a Glide Bikes model targeted at children between the ages of 2 and 5.

mini green

This model was the original model offered by Glide Bikes, and is tried and true when it comes to providing a fantastic riding experience for children. The frame comes in a variety of colours – blue, green, orange, pink, and red – and is crafted out of a durable, high-quality aluminum alloy. The frame can be adjusted to fit your child at both the handlebar (22.5″ – 24″) and at the seat post (12″- 17.5″).

The Mini Glider model features removable foot pegs so that your child is always comfortable as their riding skill progresses. A brake is located on the handle so that your child is always in control of their speed and can practice being comfortable with the features they will experience on a bicycle. The tires offered for the Mini Glider model are maintenance-free EVA tires that do not require air. The Mini Glider is a model that encourages success – many children are able to be gliding with confidence after only an hour of practice.

The Go Glider is a balance bike designed with older children between the ages of five and ten in mind.

Go main (1)

It is quite rare for balance bike manufacturers to offer bikes with a frame size adequate for older children, making this model a rare and ideal option for children who aren’t confident in learning to ride until a little bit later than many of their peers. It is also suggested for children with special needs who may not have the coordination and balance skills required for a bicycle.

The Go Glider’s frame is made out of a high quality aluminum alloy, and the model features exclusively air tires, giving older children a wider range of terrain to ride on comfortably and confidently. The handlebars are easily adjusted between 27″ and 35″, and the seat post can be adjusted between 16″ and 25″. Removable footpegs and a kickstand are two other features that allow you to tailor this model to best suit your child’s needs and current riding level.

There are few brands as excellent as Glide Bikes for providing balance bike models perfectly suited for your children no matter their age.

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