I ran across this balance bike while doing some research on balance bikes that are retailed in countries other than the USA.

“MORES is proud to be the first and only producer of the most technologically advanced, most exclusive, lightest running bike in the world. Timeless appearance by design combined with technical innovations from aerospace engineering. The result is the lightest carbon running bike available today”   mores-design.com

Just looking at this bike gives me the chills.  It comes across as a bike that you would have displayed on the wall in your office next to an autographed Vince Lombardi football (yes, I am from Wisconsin). This is the sort of bike you would be supervising your child while riding to insure they are taking care of it and not leaving it outside in the rain.

At a mere 6.5 lbs for the model without a brake, this is by far one of the lightest balance bikes we have seen. On their website they list classic bicycles as their design inspiration for the Mores bike. Components are anodized aluminum and any labeling of these components are doing via laser etching. Top this off with integrated headset, frame integrated brake cable routing, quick release bolt for adjusting the saddle height and single wall rims.

This bike is designed and made in Germany. Don’t rush off to the internet quite yet to have one shipped to you; it is currently only available in select locations in Germany.

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