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Yedoo Balance Bikes – NEW lower MAP

The US importer of Yedoo balance bikes has lowered the pricing for the Yedoo Fifty ($99.95) and Yedoo Too Too ($129.95) balance bikes by $20! We thought the pricing was adequate in relation to the high quality bike that the Yedoo was but this makes us even more excited. The main differenc ebetween the two models is that the...
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Yedoo Bikes & Scooters

Yedoo balance bikes available in the USA.

The YEDOO Fifty and Too Too balance bikes are now available in the USA! There is another new kid on the block and it is coming by way of the Czech republic. One may ask what “yedoo” means, well the word originated in the Czech Republic as the expression “jeduuu”, which is what one exclaims when going fast on...
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