Balance Bike Buyers Guides

About Wood Balance Bikes

When it comes to buying a balance bike you have 2-3 choices in regards to frame material: wood, metal or plastic.  Many ask me, “what frame material is better for a balance bike?”  I tell them, the bike that is properly sized for your child is the best:) We have a great selection of wood balance bikes form Wishbone...
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Ridgeback Scoot

Ridegback Scoot Balance Bike Now Available

You ask yourself, ” Can this really be happening?” Since 1983, Ridgeback has been building quality bicycles in the UK. It was at that time in 1983 that they launched the first mountain bike in the UK. They are now a leader in road, mountain and children’s bikes in the Uk and other parts of the world. I was...
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BMXie balance bike by Chillafish is now available.

The Chillafish BMXie balance bike is now available.  This means there is going to be a new player among the balance bike landscape.  We are exited for plenty of reasons.  We were impressed when Chillafish brought the Bunzi 3 in 1 balance toy to the market.  With the quality design of the Bunzi, there is a good reason to...
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