You ask yourself, ” Can this really be happening?”
Since 1983, Ridgeback has been building quality bicycles in the UK. It was at that time in 1983 that they launched the first mountain bike in the UK. They are now a leader in road, mountain and children’s bikes in the Uk and other parts of the world.
I was luck enough to have a demo Ridgeback Scoot sent to me back in late 2011. The first thing you notice when unpacking the bike is the packaging.  Besides the Likeabike Jumper, there is no balance bike that I am aware of on the market that has the extensive packaging of the Scoot.
The Scoot is very lightweight, thanks to the aluminum frame, hubs, wheels.  You will notice right away the quality of the welds on the frames.  The bike features air filled tires and a stitched saddle with a unique integrated carry handle.
Another feature that stood out was that it came with two seat posts; 1 small and 1 large to fit a larger array of kids.


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