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What are Balance Bikes?

Balance bikes are simply wonderful training aids used to help a child learn balance without the use of training wheels.  Most of us reading this article had training wheels on our bikes when we were kids.  Some may remember those training wheels being put on a bike that was much too big for us which in effect made us...
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World’s First Carbon Fiber Balance Bike

I ran across this balance bike while doing some research on balance bikes that are retailed in countries other than the USA. “MORES is proud to be the first and only producer of the most technologically advanced, most exclusive, lightest running bike in the world. Timeless appearance by design combined with technical innovations from aerospace engineering. The result is...
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Learning with Ride on Toys

I see this question come from a lot of my family members who see my son gliding around on his bike. Though I have noticed that these questions come more from people that either don’t have young children or new parents. This is the way that I see it through the actions of my 3 year old son, Everett....
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