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Balance Bike Steering Limiters – Are they Needed?

Some of the best bikes I sell have steering limiters.  Some of the best bikes I sell don't have limiters :) I have numerous parents asking for a balance bike with a steering limiter or whether they are needed or not. First of all, just a quick explanation of steering limiters if you aren't familiar.  Steering limiters on balance bikes…
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Kinderbike Balance Bikes

2014 Kinderbike Morph Available in MAY – Pre-Order Now

That's right, the folks at Kinderbike tell me the Morph balance bike with removable pedal system should be available in May.  I have activated this item on my stores website to allow for pre-ordering. Pre-Order the Kinderbike Morph Here! The Kinderbike Morph balance bike retails for $ and will be available in the following colors:  red, blue, violet and green.…
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Balance Bike Reviews

New Convertible Balance Bike from KUNDO – Coming Summer 2014

Our friends at Wee Bike Shop just let us know about a new convertible or hybrid balance bike coming to the market. the KUNDO Smart Trail 12 will be hitting the market this Summer 2014. Photos from This is exciting because there currently are none available in the USA.  There have been some attempts and delays for this style of…
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News & Articles

A Journey thru Iceland on Yedoo Scooters

Italian David Ceccarelli has a spirit of adventure. After his last expedition on a skateboard round the Berlin Wall, he set off on a journey through the vast plains of Iceland on the Yedoo Ox scooter. He managed to overcome the difficult and over 800km-long journey in only 13 days with his friend Andrea Gesmundo. Visit Yedoo's site for the rest of this great…
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