Thanks to its child safe design, durable construction and versatility, the BIG BOBBY CAR is the world’s top-selling children’s vehicle since 1972. Over 17 million of these cars have been sold worldwide. I sell a lot of these cars to parents who want their children to experience the same toy they had as a child.

The Bobby-Car was invented in order to help children learn to walk. It has a kind of seat in which the child can sit as on a motorcycle. By swinging its legs, the child can move the car. Today, numerous accessories exist such as connecting rods, light running tires, trailer, etc. As well as being manufactured in different colors, it also comes in variants such as a police car or tow truck (not available in US) .

We love the quality plastics used in the construction of these German-made cars.  These cars are so durable it will carry the weight of an adult. Another pro to buying a BIG toy is that they offer replacement parts and wheels for the cars and trailers.

Big makes several trailer attachments as well as a pedal fork-lift toy that has very unique styling.

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