The Chillafish BMXie balance bike is now available.  This means there is going to be a new player among the balance bike landscape.  We are exited for plenty of reasons.  We were impressed when Chillafish brought the Bunzi 3 in 1 balance toy to the market.  With the quality design of the Bunzi, there is a good reason to get excited about the BMXie.

Here’s a snapshot of the Chillafish BMXie’s features:

  • Seat adjustable without tools (height from 32cm to 39cm).
  • Front number plate detachable.
  • Includes decal set for cool customization.
  • Foot support detachable and can be stowed away.
  • Inflatable rubber tires.
  • carry-friendly weight and ergonomics.
  • high-quality fiberglass-reinforced material.
  • age : 2-5 years

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