Here is out list of the Best Balance bikes for 2014 as they fit into a few different categories.

BEST Balance Bikes for 2014

Ridgeback Scoot. The Ridgeback Scoot balance bike is truly a bike and not a toy.  Once you have one of these bikes in your possession you understand why.  The Ridgeback is brought to you by Ridgeback UK; they are the the Trek bikes of the UK and have a long history of bike building and were one of the first companies to bring mountain bikes to the UK. The bike features a high quality 6061 Heat Treated Aluminum frame, alloy wheels, reach adjustable hand brake, awesome color selections and a low step over cross bar.  The bike comes with two seat posts and the attention to quality is evident in the stitched seat that also has a grab handle on the rear of the saddle. It weighs in at 11 lbs which can be drop 1-2 lbs with lighter tires and components but with the seat range of 14-20″, this bike is more suited for 3-6 year olds and the 11 lb weight should not be a factor. The Ridgeback Scoot retails for $169.99


Kinderbike Laufrad and Laufrad Mini.  The Kinderbike has all the features we love in a balance bike: aluminum frame and components, v-brake, low seat setting of 11″, quality craftsmanship and low step over frame geometry.  The folks at Kinderbike continually make improvements as they see fit on their line of balance bikes. For 2014 they made the handlebar, seat post and brake lever out of aluminum. The bike weighs a mere 9lbs with all these features.  It is not easy to get to 9 lbs with the added brake system and air filled tires and spoke wheels. Most bikes that weigh in the 7-9 lbs range don’t have a brake and they use EVA tires and plastic wheels to attain that weight (Strider). The Kinderbike retails for $99.99


FirstBike Balance Bikes. The level of quality that is put into each First Bike balance bike is second to none. The frame is nearly indestructible, made from a Polyamide Nylon Composite with glass fiber technology, which is color-thru, unbreakable and completely recyclable.  We have seen demonstrations where an adult can lay the bike flat and jump up and down on the frame without causing any damage! Other features (many) we like  are the: cool frame colors, lightweight 7.7 lbs, sealed wheel bearings, easy seat adjustment (turn a knob), and a frame that is resilient to all the elements: rain, heat, cold, punishment from kids :). Normal seat range is 13.5 -17.5″ but can be lowered to 12″ with optional lowering kit.  There is also a optional snow ski kit for the folks in areas that have snow in the winter months. The FirstBike retails from $129.99 – $179.99.


Yedoo Fifty Balance Bikes. Fifty is the nifty balance bike packed with quality features! At this very competitive price point, it’s easy to find inferior products, but Fifty is surprisingly advanced. The rims are aluminum. The tires are over-sized rubber for enhanced grip. The inflated inner tubes have angled valves for easy inflation. The wheel hubs use lubricated cup and cone bearing sets. Offered in four vibrant colors, the Fifty Balance Bike by Yedoo is an affordable alternative that offers top value and performance. The Yedoo Fifty retails for $99.99.


Polyamide Nylon Composite with glass fiber technology is color-thru, unbreakable and completely recyclable – See more at:


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