Heating and cooling are major slices of your energy bill. But saving energy doesn’t mean you need to completely turn these systems off. There are smart ways to reduce energy spent on them without sacrificing comfort. All of this is a recipe for disaster. To monopolists oversized voice in the political economy like Eric Schmidt calling up the head of New America and having them fire their entire antitrust team because they praised the EU antitrust fines against Google in a blog post. Or increased taxes because we became reliant on a single vaccine manufacturer in England and had no option but pay hundreds of millions raised via taxes to keep it open in 2004.

Describe how your body felt as you took a few hesitant steps down the trail. Remember how it was to look up at the rim of the Canyon from below, and how you felt as you worked your way back up. Detail your thoughts and physical sensations, from physical exertion, to encounters during the adventure, to your mental and subconscious perceptions.

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