When it comes to buying a balance bike you have 2-3 choices in regards to frame material: wood, metal or plastic.  Many ask me, “what frame material is better for a balance bike?”  I tell them, the bike that is properly sized for your child is the best:)

We have a great selection of wood balance bikes form Wishbone Designs and the Kinderfeets Chalkboard balance bike that features a truly customizable chalkboard finish that allows a child to color make their balance bike truly a one-of-a-kind bike.

Wood balance bikes are commonly made form a 10-15 ply Baltic birch plywood.  Baltic birch plywood is a very durable and most importantly a sustainable source of wood.  The layers of plywood on wood balance bikes are glued with non-toxic glues and the frames are protected with non-toxic urethane sealer or paint.  Wood balance bikes made of plywood are much stronger and resistant to warpage than if a bike was made of a solid piece of wood.

Many people argue that wood balance bikes splinter, warp and crack.  With normal wear and tear any bike can be damaged.  Light moisture or rain will not completely destroy a wooden balance bike as some may claim. If a wood balance bike gets extremely wet, one should make sure it gets dried off in a timely fashion.

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