When it comes to buying a balance bike you have 2-3 choices in regards to frame material: wood, metal or plastic.  Many ask me, “what frame material is better for a balance bike?”  I tell them, the bike that is properly sized for your child is the best:)

We have a great selection of metal balance bikes from Strider Sports, Kinderbike and Glide Bikes.
Metal balance bikes are usually made from steel alloys or aluminum.  The Kinderbike Laufrad balance bike features an extremely lightweight and sturdy, 6061 Aluminum alloy frame, and weighs roughly 8 pounds.  The Strider No-Pedal balance bike frame is made from a thin wall steel material.  The quality of both the Kinderbike and Strider balance bikes can really be appreciated if you look at the clean welds on the bike frame – this gives a reassurance of the quality and the frame will be least likely to crack where the frame components are welded together.

Metal balance bike frames are more susceptible to dents and are less resilient than wood or an injection molded plastic frame.  Care should be taken to limit the amount of exposure to the frame and components.  You can definitely exercise your off-road mud running abilities but always wipe down your metal balance bike after wet or off-road use.

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